About Me

My name is Alvin Nieves. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, now living in St Louis, Missouri, USA. Since I was a child I had something for cars and always wanted to re-enact what I saw on TV. Unfortunately trying to do that in real life is pretty expensive and I don’t have that kind of money. Fortunately sim racing fills that void for me and lets me enjoy racing on a much cheaper and safer environment. Always learning something new and willing to keep going until I cannot do this anymore.

In real life I am a civil engineer. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico in 2009 and currently working for the Illinois Department of Transportation. My areas of interest in civil engineering are transportation and construction. Currently concentrating on traffic analysis and safety, but later I would like to study more about geometrics to become a track designer.

Currently I play race sims like RACE 07, rFactor, GTR2, and iRacing. Most of my time when racing is spent on iRacing and previously on Race2Play (www.race2play.com), but also have tried other racing leagues, like RaceDepartment (www.racedepartment.com) and Sim Racing Online (www.simracingonline.net). from time to time I may show on Gran Turismo 5, but for now I don’t play it that much due to my current cockpit configuration.

Currently I am a member of Fenix Motorsports, which specializes in endurance racing. I used to run most on most of my previous championships for UK-NL Racing in most of the leagues that I raced. I also ran for Water Blue Racing for a season in the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series Season 3. I will later like to make my own team, but that is not in my immediate plans right now.

I also have started stewarding races for NEO. Previous races and series I have stewarded include the NEO 3H of Bathurst and the NEO GT Series. For some reason I find it fun to do and may consider going full time as a steward for NEO.

Most of my posts will consist of race sims topic, real life racing things and some racing topics from an engineer and motorsports fan perspective. I hope that readers find this blog very useful and anybody is welcomed to participate in any blog post to offer suggestion, opinions and different perspectives.


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