Q is for Question

you suck at racing

Racers are always trying to find just a little more speed every corner. To do that, you need to experiment with brakes, throttle, line, etc. But how do you know what works and what doesn’t? Is it better to change to 2nd gear or stay in 3rd? Is it better to take a double apex or single? It’s critical to ask these kinds of questions all the time. If only you could try different strategies and get immediate feedback… you can, and it’s darn simple.

One of the best driver training tools is a predictive lap timer. This tells you if your speed is increasing or decreasing compared to your previous best lap. The least expensive option is to get an app for your smartphone but the dedicated devices work better. I personally own an Autosport Labs Race Capture / Pro, RumbleStrip Racing Products DLT1-GPS, and Track Systems Technologies TraqMate. All of them…

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