N is for non sequitur

you suck at racing

non sequitur in formal logic is a logical fallacy where the conclusions do not follow the premises. Assume the following statement is true: “if A is true then B is true”. Logical fallacies include “if B is true then A is true” and “if A is false then B is false”.

In conversation, a non sequitur occurs when a statement begging for some kind of reply is followed by something totally unrelated. For example, Jan says, “have you seen the new 3 series?”, and Jace replies, “Zorak’s break dancing is epic “.

Here’s a logical non sequitur as it applies to driving. Let’s take the following statement as fact: “if I take an early apex, then I run wide at the exit”. The following argument is a non sequitur: “if I ran wide at the exit, then I took an early apex”. Well, no. In a decreasing radius turn, you can run out…

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